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What is Killed By Kiki?

Providing a personalized and entertaining approach to fitness, ​Killed by Kiki is a one-hour Barre-based workout that targets specific, and often underutilized but essential muscle groups. These low-impact, but killer classes will improve core strength, posture, flexibility, and muscular endurance, in turn, developing tighter, longer, and leaner muscles.

Killed By Kiki offers Virtual Private/Duet/Group Sessions, Classes on Demand, and Private Sessions in both Manhattan and The Hamptons. 

What do I need to prepare for Killed By Kiki? 

The majority of Killed By Kiki is a “Barre-less Barre” Class and most of the exercises are performed using your own body weight. To make the most of the class, Kiki recommends:


- Ideally two sets of weights (Lighter set: 2-5lbs, Heavier set 4-8lbs). If you do not have weights available, soup cans, water bottles and Kiki’s personal favorite, wine bottles will absolutely suffice! 


- Barre, countertop, or chair to act as something to hold onto when challenging balance and working the leg musculature.


- A yoga mat or carpeted floor is recommended for plank, pushups, booty and ab concentrated work.


- A positive attitude and a willingness to be pushed out of your comfort zone! ;)



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