What is Killed By Kiki?


Providing a personalized and entertaining approach to fitness, ​Killed by Kiki is a one-hour Barre-based workout that targets specific, and often underutilized but essential muscle groups. These low impact, but killer classes will improve core strength, posture, flexibility, muscular endurance, and in turn develop tighter, longer and leaner musculature.

Killed by Kiki offers both Virtual and In-Person classes and private sessions.

How do I sign up?


When are Killed By Kiki Classes offered? 

Virtual Classes:

   Tue      5-6pm EST

   Thu      9-10am EST

   Sat      11-12pm EST

In-Person Classes 

   Sun      8am, 9:30am &11am EST

   Mon     9:30am & 11am EST

Where are Killed By Kiki In-Person Classes held?


Limited capacity, socially-distanced In-Person Classes are held at the former Exhale space at 2415 Main Street Bridgehampton.

I can't make it to a Virtual class, can I get a recording of it?

Yes! Recordings of Kiki's Virutal Classes are now available. Simply sign up on for a Virtual Class. After class, you will be sent an enhanced Video Recording of the class and will have 24 hours to view it.

What does an In-Person Private session with Kiki look like?

Kiki splits her time between NYC and The Hamptons and you can train with her in either or both locations at your home, following COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Based on a standard Killed by Kiki Barre class format, Kiki will tailor the the session to meet your personal needs.  This is a perfect option for beginners, those looking to fine tune their Barre technique, and for anyone who is looking for a specialized, challenging Barre-based workout.

In-Person Private sessions are also a fun way to workout with a group of friends or family in the comfort of your own home!

Rates vary depnding on location and the number of people per session. Please email Kiki for more information! 


What do I need to prepare for Killed By Kiki? 


The majority of Killed By Kiki is a “Barre-less Barre” Class and most of the exercises are performed using your own body weight. To make the most of the class, Kiki recommends:


- Ideally two sets of weights (Lighter set: 2-5lbs, Heavier set 4-8lbs). If you do not have weights available, soup cans, water bottles and Kiki’s personal favorite, wine bottles will absolutely suffice! 


- Barre, countertop, or chair to act as something to hold onto when challenging balance and working the leg musculature.


- A yoga mat or carpeted floor is recommended for plank, pushups, booty and abdominal concentrated work.


- A positive attitude and a willingness to be pushed out of your comfort zone! ;)



What are the protocols for a Killed by Kiki In-Person Class?

The purpose of these protocals is to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission.  These policies and protocals are based on guidance from the CDC and NY State Dept of Health and will be updated accordingly. 

Stay at Home if Sick or Exposed:  Please stay home if you have the following symptoms:  fever, cough, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, extreme fatigue, body aches, shortness of breath, rash or lost sense of taste or smell.

Face Masks: Face Masks must be worn before and after class. But if you are fully vaccinated, you can remove your mask once you’re at your barre station. Disposable face masks will be available at the front desk for anyone who arrives without one. 

Physcial Distancing:  There are 15 barre stations in the room identified by a blue decal.  These stations are spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart.  You will select a station when entering the studio and remain at that station for the duration of the class except to leave for a bathroom break.

Use of Equipment: I strongly recommend that you bring your own props to class; only hand weights from 1 to 5 lbs will be provided.  Hand wipes will be provided to clean and disinfect your weights before and after class.  Since the studio is carpeted, please bring your own beach towel or mat.

Socks: Covered feet are required for class participation.

Water: Water fountains are closed.  Please bring your own water bottle.