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“When I started Kyra's class I had not worked out in 1.5 years due to back surgery. I was very nervous and never thought I would be able to do Barre class again, let alone a sit up. Her upbeat spirit and knowledge of barre made me feel comfortable and excited for classes. She pushes me to go further in class while always with a smile, encouragement and jokes. Two months later and I have never felt this powerful, strong and toned. Thank you Kyra for getting me back on my feet (literally) and showing me that I still have the strength I thought I would never get back to again. I take her classes 3/4 times a week and I look forward to seeing what new, fun and challenging classes she will have every day, they are never the same. Oh, and her music, she takes great detail in not only curating her classes but her playlists too :)”

- Nathania Nisonson, Gramercy & Southampton


“Kyra’s impeccably planned, energetically delivered barre classes are as entertaining as they are rigorous, and as invigorating as they are challenging. Leveraging warm rapport and a witty sense of humor to draw out optimized efforts, she holds both her clients and herself accountable for noticeable results, and it shows — it no wonder to me that Kyra Christopher has gained such a formidable following."

- Jamie Davidson, West Village & Sagaponack

“I was introduced to Kyra a few months into the pandemic when I was dying for some version of my old workout routine. Immediately during the first class Kyra’s infectious energy (and great music!) made me feel like I was back in the studio. Her workouts are HARD but always so much fun, they are truly the thing I look forward to most at the end of my day. She gives excellent feedback and adjustments during the class, which can be especially hard while watching us on her computer screen. Kyra has helped me stay strong and toned throughout these crazy times and I owe a lot of my sanity to our weekly Zoom workouts!”

- Zoe Bibb, Upper East Side & Southampton

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